DEFIPRIDE — Next Generation DeFi Incubator on Binance Smart Chain

3 min readFeb 22, 2021



DEFIPRIDE is a Binance Smart Chain incubator.The goal of the project is to support teams that use the BSC Network to create and implement their projects

Investor Protection

We care about our community,and therefore every project will be reviewed before the tokensale starts

Our Advantages

We start cooperation with projects from an early stage until the time when the project is listed on the exchange.At all stages we provide assistance in marketing and community growth around the project.Due to the fact that we cooperate with well-known bloggers and platforms,the road of each project will be successful


The first problem

The popularity of DeFi has brought not only profits,but also losses.Many projects disappear with the funds of investors and thus some potential investors are lost for good teams with their interesting ideas.Therefore,the Defipride platform will only provide proven projects that will not disappear with investors’ money.Fundraising will be available only after KYC verification and smart contract audit

Second problem

Today,the Ethereum network has a high transaction confirmation cost and low speed compared to the Binance Smart Chain,therefore,it is much more profitable for many investors,traders and projects to use the BSC network

Every day,new teams move to the BSC network and each of them needs community support to implement their ideas.The Defipride platform will help raise funds and grow the community around each project



DFD Token

To participate in the sale on the Defipride platform each participant must hold a minimum number of DFD tokens.Therefore,after the first successful projects on the platform the value of the token will constantly increase


The project team decided to remain anonymous,but KYC verification was passed at

All KYC details are kept private.They will only be shared with Law Enforcement / Regulators if the team steals user funds

More information about DEFIPRIDE


Community Club

Defipride Platform

Private and Public Sale


Telegram Community

Marketing and Partnerships

We will work as productively as possible on new partnerships,which will include: famous bloggers,owners of media portals,etc.

By participating in the Defipride community,the project team will receive funds to implement their ideas,and investors will make a profit from the purchase




Next Generation DeFi Incubator on Binance Smart Chain